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自我約束下,日本東京社會和藝術界的影響(日本篇) | The Impact on Tokyo Society and Art Practitioners under Self-Restraint (Japan)

【自我約束下的日本 –日本篇】分享人:佐川大輔 Daisuke Sagawa日本瞬間劇場創辦人, 日本演出者協會國際部 部長在線交流(留言區):26 April,8pm – 9pm日本政府早前宣佈緊急狀態,但不定封城也不罰款,要求民眾自我約束。這波及的不只是日本文化藝術界,背後也延伸了社會的矛盾、掙扎和分歧。政府目前提供的補助條件受制,網上對於藝術的重要性看法兩極。為什麼自我約束要求會延伸更多的隱藏社會問題呢?一起透過佐川先生的視野,看看現在東京劇場工作者和社會的情況,探討未來的創作可能。日文翻譯 :Wendy Kwek Chai Ting友情協助:Wing Hui 許嘉詠—————————————————<Japan in Self Restraint >Sharing by Daisuke SagawaFounder of Japan THEATRE MOMENTS / Chief of International Division, Japan Directors AssociationLive Discussion: 26 April, 8pm – 9pm (video comment)Japan declares state of emergency earlier this month, but there are no lockdown and no penalties, people are requested to exercise self-restraint. Not only the art & culture industry is affected, but behind this simple request, there grows conflict, struggle and division in the society. The current help provided by the government is limited, people argue online about the importance of art. Why will self-restraint lead to the hidden problems of society? Through Daisuke-san’s eyes, we will take a look at the situation of Tokyo and the theatre practitioners, explore the possibility of creating in the future.Japanese Translation: Wendy Kwek Chai TingAssisted by: Wing Hui———————————上集回顧 Previous Episode: COVID-19 Interview Full Series:疫境訪問系列 #ONZCOVID19InterviewSeries#ONZ疫境訪問 #ONZCOVID19Interview#藝術文化與社會同行#渾製作 #ONZProduction

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