About us


About us

Based on a key word “from imagination to creation”, Theatre Moments functions as a total theatre company working collectively with all performers, artists and staff in the production.
Within a framework of theatre, the company creates pieces by making the most of texts, music, physical expressions and any other possible means for performances to convey simple, universal and straight-forward messages to the audience.


•To create made-in-Japan theatre performances that meet the world standard.
•To produce a world tour from our original performances which cross cultural and linguistic barriers.
•To participate at international theatre festivals, improve the quality of our productions and build our audience.

Our Name

In English “Moment” can be defined as “a point in time” and “now”. We want to share every moment with the audience. Our company name “Theatre Moments” is the plural form. We named ourselves with the wish that we will catch every single sparkle and create a series of wonderful theatrical moments which we can share with our audience.

What’s Unique

1. Space Consciousness

As written in The Empty Space by Peter Brook, our imaginations will be much freer under limited conditions.We purposefully avoid using complicated sets and keep the space as simple as possible to create a world full of rich imaginations.

2. Live Performance

Theatre is a live performance.We can jump over the Fourth Wall and talk to the audience as if we are sitting right next to you during a performance.

3. Transformation (Object Theatre)

Believing in a magic of transformation in theatre, simple props can be transformed into literally anything by performers depending upon how the props are used and shown on the stage. Each of the audience members acknowledges the props differently, but they enjoy a freedom of imagination.

In addition to above characteristics, another uniqueness of Theatre Moments is that we do not have a playwright in the company. As a result, our process of creating pieces is very different from those companies who have a playwright who directs or those who have a director who writes plays. In the early stage, actors and the director brainstorm about a story or theme in the text and then move on to the next experimental stage by trying ideas and improvising scenes many times. By going through the process, a series of scenes are formed one by one. The completed works have an original perspective and a strong sense of togetherness creating their own world.