Asian tour 2019《PANIC》《Ballad of Narayama》


THEATRE MOMENTS Triumphal Show after its Asian Tour

“PANIC” (by Japanese and Malaysian cast)
“The Ballad of Narayama” (by Japanese cast)

Basis: “Panic” by ABE Kōbō; “The Ballad of Narayama” by FUKAZAWA Shichirō
Subtitles in English and Chinese

Jan. 17 (Thu) – 21 (Mon), 2019

Venue: UENO STORE HOUSE, B1F, NORD Bldg., Kita-Ueno 1-6-11, Taitō-ku, Tokyo




“PANIC” – Synopsis –
A jobless man takes a test to get into Panic Economics, Inc. For some reason the firm sets the venue for his interview in a tavern. The HR staff invites him to some drink, which makes him unconscious. The next morning he wakes up to find himself in an unknown room, with the HR guy lying covered in blood beside him. . . .
“Memory: the Ballad of Narayama” – Synopsis –
In a poor deserted mountain village there lived an old woman O-Rin with her son Tatsuhei and her grandchildren. After his wife passed away, Tatsuhei was even more struggling to sustain their living in this rural region short of food. O-rin was looked forward to her Pilgrimage to Mount Narayama. All the villagers reaching the age of 70 set out on a journey to the sacred mountain. “

Reviews on “PANIC”

“PANIC” uses a minimalist approach for the whole production, from the staging, to costumes and to props. This forces the company to get creative with how the themes and narrative are conveyed and portrayed and they do a brilliant job in addressing this issue.
By Myron My
Using only toilet paper and a shopping trolley as props gives the imagination a workout, while the actors switching between English, Cantonese and Japanese adds another layer of communication and interpretation. A playful, macabre, entertaining and thought-provoking performance.
By Stephanie Liew

Review on “The Ballad of Narayama”

This play uses as its minimalist topical props a number of wooden frames, corresponding to the theme of the story: Breaking away the existing frameworks. The actors are well-trained, agile, and brisk, and without any strain they frequently switch their stage roles with each other. The audience enjoy the amazing show even without understanding the spoken words. The question posed in the end of the play might have come from the playwright’s pen blessed by God. by Joe Tang
Running Time

1 h 50 min (“PANIC” 40 min/Intermission 10 min/”The Ballad of Narayama” 60 min)

Ticket Prices

 ¥2,000 (after special discount for non-Japanese visitors) / ¥1,000 (under 18)



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